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For international travelers and those living permanently outside their citizenship country who need coverage for quality healthcare and emergency assistance services, and who want to mitigate the financial risks associated with traveling.

Traveling abroad is exciting and fun! However, with the hundreds of potential misfortunes and without the proper insurance it can be dangerous and could result in disaster. Travelers may be surprised to discover that standard health insurance cannot handle the challenges caused by illnesses and accidents in a foreign country. Our international plans provide important global healthcare coverage and crucial assistance during an emergency. Plans can protect you from potential financial ruin resulting from high-cost medical care and emergency evacuations not covered by standard insurance.


International insurance provides helpful online support tools and mobile applications, global provider networks, multilingual customer service centers, claims administrators who process claims worldwide in virtually every language and currency, and 24-hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment. 


Most plans cover medically necessary COVID -19 medical costs. Each insurer and plan will describe their coverage in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional benefits, terms and conditions are shown within each insurer’s quote portal. 


Choose the type of plan that best fits your needs!


Not sure which plan is best for you? Contact us!

Single Trip Travel Medical Plans

For US residents and citizens traveling abroad and foreign travelers entering the US. 


  • Business trips 

  • College students studying abroad 

  • Families sponsoring exchange students

  • Family visits 

  • Foreign au pairs and nannies 

  • Graduating high school senior trips

  • Leisure travel 

  • Missionaries 

  • Recently arrived immigrants

We can also help you with other situations:

• Multi-Trip (Annual) Travel Medical Plans

• Global Student and Scholar Plans

• Long-Term International Health Plans

   (Primary Coverage for 6+ months)

• Senior Plans

• Trip Protection Plans (Trip Cancellation /

   Lost luggage) with Medical

• Plans for US Citizens (Who Permanently Reside

   outside the US) Visiting the US

• Group Travel Medical Plans (5+ who are traveling together)


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Or contact us for other options.

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