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ITG Worldwide insurance experts serve individuals, families, and organizations from small to very large. We work directly with clients and we partner with clients’ other trusted advisors to deliver international benefits. The ITG Worldwide team has great memories from 25 years of working with clients at their kitchen tables, office breakrooms, and high-rise executive boardrooms. We’ve done enrollment meetings for an international airline client on the apron near one of their Airbus A320s loading passengers and baggage! And now lately it seems most meetings are done via Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Messenger, and MS Teams. We do what’s needed.


Our clients are global for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, NGOs, educational institutions and their students and scholars, mission organizations, entrepreneurs and independent consultants, digital nomads, expatriate retirees, business and leisure travelers – and more! We are based in the USA, but our clients are all over the world. People want to and need to travel around the world for many reasons: to live, learn, work, play, and explore. ITG Worldwide exists to serve them.


We are dedicated to delivering the health and security peace of mind our clients expect and deserve. You will see that we are affiliated with the most capable and proven global insurers. Many are familiar, name-brand, US-based insurance companies. We also work with excellent global insurers outside the USA with the expertise to handle our clients’ unique needs. We use a proprietary worldwide broker-consultant network to meet challenges that can arise in countries around the world. And you will also see we can deliver a very large number of insurance products. 


The real-life people of ITG Worldwide are here to help you make sense of it all and to assist you with your unique scenario. 


  • Comprehensive Long-Term Medical Insurance including Dental, Vision, Rx

  • Life, AD&D and Disability

  • Business Travel Accident and Medical

  • Leisure Travel Medical and Trip Protection

  • Global Student & Scholar Plans

  • Evacuation and Repatriation Services

  • Special Risk & War Zone Coverages

  • Benefits Advice & Support for Local Nationals in Countries and Territories Outside the USA

  • Something New?  We are ready to collaborate with you on unique challenges. Tell us more!   


We trust the information here can help you get started. Certain plans for individuals and families can be researched and purchased right from our website 24/7/365.  Other plans – especially for groups and special risks – will require us to have a conversation and exchange important information. No matter your need, you also can always just contact us now to schedule a free consultation. We’re glad to start from the very beginning and discuss your needs.



Scott Maras, CEBS, CLU, CPCU.


ITG Worldwide

International Insurance with Global Benefits

ITG Worldwide is a dba of InsuranceToGo Worldwide Insurance Agency Inc.,

a California corporation (License 0G16291) with administrative headquarters in Johnston, IA USA. ITG Worldwide primary staff is also located in Novato, CA.


Inside the USA, ITG Worldwide is a licensed insurance agency, and its executive team are resident and non-resident licensed agents in more than 30 states and Puerto Rico.

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